​I'm Imre 36-years old father who has been working out for over 20 years. During these years I have done various workouts and tried a lot of equipment. Now I have my own gym and mainly do calisthenics and boxing. On this site, I would like to advise how to work out at home.


weight benches for home

​A workout bench is one of the most important equipment for a home gym. With the help of it you can perform dumbbell, barbell and bodyweight exercises. You can choose from flat, adjustable and Olympic weight benches. Which is the best choice for you? What are the best ​products available today? Check out our honest reviews, comparisons and guides​.

power tower and pull up dip station

​​If you prefer bodyweight training, the most useful unit you can have at home is the power tower (pull up dip station). This multi-function equipment allows you to do pull-ups, dips, leg raises, and push-ups. Exercises that develop functional strength.

push up stands for upper body

​​Push up bars or stands are simple yet powerful equipment to boost your upper body training. With the help of them, you can develop muscles strength and mass. Also, you can target a particular body part better. Check out our detailed guide.

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