About Workoutia.com

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bucko-imre-workoutia.comBefore talking about why I started this website let me introduce myself.

I’m Imre Bucko, a 36-years old guy with a fantastic wife and two kids who I’m really proud of. I work at home as a freelancer, and in my free time I work out or read.

I started pumping iron when I was just 14 years old and boxing at the age of 18. After finishing the college I got my first job, and with that, I had less and less time to go to the gym. And for a few years, I gave the whole things up.

Then, about seven years ago, because I felt weak and plump, I decided to build my home gym and start working out again. I slowly bought all the things that I need to train at home. Right now I do boxing and calisthenics workouts, and sometimes I lift weights as well.

Why did I start this website?

​To help find the most suitable home exercise equipment for you.​

​Well, when I planned my home gym I checked out tons of resources to find out what are the best products to buy.

Also, in my life, I have tested a lot of equipment. So, I know what works and what not, what features are important to look at in various home gym equipment. I have helped a lot of my friends and even a local home gym to buy the right products.

So, I share tips on how to buy various exercise equipment for home and give honest reviews of the best products out there.

​To find the right home workouts for your workout goals.

​Since I’ve been training at home for many years, I know there is no need to go the gym to have an efficient workout no matter if it is cardio, muscle building or any other. I know from my experience that at home training works!

So, I also share a wide range of home workouts for men and women.

To sum up, ​Workoutia is dedicated for those who want to work at home and need training and equipment advice.

I hope you will enjoy what you find here and if you want to get daily tips and motivation, do not forget to follow workoutia.com on other social pages.

If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, you can do it here.

I wish you good health!