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adjustable flat bench

​A common problem with a workout bench is that we cannot adjust the height of the board. So, it might be too low or too short for you, for example, to do bench press. And, you also cannot tweak it to perform other exercises with it like dumbbell rows or bench dips. They come as they are with 18-20 inches height.

​The GoPlus adjustable flat bench is among the equipment that allows you to tweak the height of the backrest in three positions from 20 to 23 inches. So, you can find the most suitable highness for your training.

​The maximum capacity of this light commercial equipment is 440 lb which is far enough for an average level user. And, its low price makes it a tempting option to buy.

​However, compared to regular flat benches it is not as stable which is a typical problem with adjustable home gym equipment.

​Anyway, it is a good price/value product for dumbbell or barbell exercises, and for bodyweight training up to intermediate level. But, I would not recommend it for advanced level trainees.


  • 3 levels of adjustability (20-23 inches)
  • ​Space saving design & folding
  • ​Acceptable maximum weight capacity
  • check
    Affordable price
  • check
    Easy assembly


  • ​Minimal wobbling
  • ​The backrest is narrow for big guys.

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  • Size Of The Pad: 44" X 10"(L X W)
  • Unit Weight: 19bs
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​Best Features of GoPlus Adjustable Flat Bench

​1. Set the optimal height for your needs

​People being taller or shorter than average usually have problems with the benches since they cannot plant their feet in such a position that provides a stable body state. They have to control their body during bench presses to keep their balance and the proper form. This is annoying and does not allow them to focus on the exercise itself.

​But, the same is true for other flat bench exercises like dumbbells rows or triceps dips. If you are tall, and the bench is low, you cannot perform the training correctly and effectively.

​Since this is an adjustable workout bench, you can choose from 3 settings to find the most optimal backrest level that suits your height. This way you can put your body in a comfortable and correct state.

easy to adjust

Height setting

​2. Good maximum weight capacity

​This equipment can be used up 440 lbs which is enough for most of the people. Even if you are 200 lbs, you can still lift heavy weight safely mainly dumbbells, but if you have a power rack, you can use it for barbell training as well.

​However, if you are an advanced lifter, I suggest getting a more robust item.

​3. Compact design & folding

​The whole size of the bench, with the stabilizers, is 44" X 18" X 23" so it does not require large place. Although, keep in mind that you need space around it to use it comfortably and safely.

​Also, it is folding so you can store it easily. Also, it is lightweight so carrying it from one place to another is an easy task for even women.


​1. The backrest is a bit narrow

​The wide of the board is 10 inch which makes it a bit unusual to use for big guys. However, users say after a few training they got used to it.

​2. Minimal wobbling

​Even if it comes with somewhat extended stabilizers with rubber caps at the ends, users say it wobbles a little bit at the highest level because of the adjusting function. It is not dangerous, but it is something you need to know before purchasing it.

​Verdict / Is it for you?

​Well, this flat bench thanks to its adjustability provides more than a traditional model, and for home workouts is OK to buy. If you do not need an adjustable weight bench with decline and inline levels, for this price, it is worth the money. If it is not for you, check out the best flat bench reviews here.

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  • Stability
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