What Are the Benefits of Pull Ups?

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benefits of pull up
Effects of pull ups

The pull up is the king of the back training, but this exercise has far more benefits. There is a good reason why it is in the workout routine of the best athletes and military programs.

Most of the people use various machines in the gym, but if you want to build that V-cut body, it must be in your program.

Read on to learn the reasons why pull ups are good for you.


What are the long term benefits of pull ups?


1. Build functional strength safely

The pull ups are bodyweight exercises meaning you use your own weight as resistance instead of lifting weights. Hence, it is more functional and safer than weights.

Why is it functional?

Bodyweight moves build strength that you can use in everyday life. They teach your body how to synchronize various muscles to perform the movement (primary and secondary.)

When you use a machine, it forces you to use one particular muscle group, and secondary muscles are neglected.

For example, if you do pull ups, it works not only your back but all the muscles of your upper body. If you use a lat machine, it mainly focuses on your back since the who movement is controlled.

Let say you climb a tree or a rope. You can have extremely strong lats if the other muscles required for the motions are weak, and your body cannot synchronize those body parts.

Why is it safer?

Another pull up benefit is that it does not put the joints in such a state that are unnatural or even dangerous. Bodyweight exercises provide a more natural range of motion which reduces the load on joints.

To sum up, you can be strong without risking the health of your body.


2. Top compound exercise for upper body strength

muscles worked
Pull up muscles worked

While we do pull ups to build strength and the muscle mass of the back, it works perfectly almost all the muscles of your upper body.

Just think about the motion. When you pull your self up, your arms are engaged, particularly your biceps and forearm. Also, your shoulders, core, and chest to keep your body in that required vertical position. And the same is true when you lower yourself.

So we can call it a total upper body exercise.


3. It will make you grips, strong as a wise

grip strength

There is a crucial part of the body that 80% of the people never strengthen, their forearm and grip. They think, there is no need to since other exercises have impact on those muscles.

But, that is a huge mistake.

No matter what you lift, weights or your body, you always use the power of your grip. And if it is weak, you cannot develop since you cannot lift more weights or do more reps.

Pull ups boost your grip strength hugely. I am dear to say that there are no other exercises that are so powerful for grip strength development.

It is obvious. Your hands have to hold your entire bodyweight for reps after reps, and a lot of seconds.

Let me give you my example.

I was doing calisthenics for about a year when there was an arm wrestling competition in the pub. 🙂 I never do arm wrestling, but I tried myself. I did not become the winner, but I could beat many guys without practicing. I myself was surprised how strong my forearms, wrists, and grips were. And, I’m sure that the lots of pull up I do are responsible for that.

So, this exercise will make you a lower arm strength and size like a blacksmith had a hundred years ago who lifted a colossal hammer every day.


4. You do not have to go the gym

The beauty of doing pull ups is that you do not have to enter the gym to enjoy its benefits, you just need something to hang on. Find a playground or a calisthenics park near you.

If you want to work out at home, just get pull up bar you can fix on the door frame or even better a power tower which provides even more possibilities for bodyweight training.

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So, this is a convenient exercise.


5. Lot of variations to start and develop to the sky

You will never get bored and be able to develop your strength and muscles with the help of the pull up variations.

If you are a total beginner, who cannot do a single rep yet, you can do many variations to prepare your body such as negative ones.

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What if you are already strong and can make many pull ups?

Then, you can find variations that challenge even the strongest guys. One arm, weighted, archer pull ups are just a few examples, and if they were not enough, you could do weighted variations as well.

The variations are endless to build incredible strength. And you will never get bored with your training since you can always find versions that challenge you.

Here are many examples.


To sum up the pull up workout benefits

I think, after reading these pull up benefits you understand why it must be in your workout routine. Personally, this is the only exercise (and its variations) I do for my back. If you are a beginner, or a big guy like me (about 220 pounds), you may find it hard to perform it first. But, just do it! Pull ups are worth the effort.

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