Bodyweight Back Exercises Without Bar

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Bodyweight back exercises without bar

If for some reasons you cannot get a power tower or a pull-up bar for home to strengthen your back, you will love those exercises for sure.

Without a doubt, the best bodyweight exercises to develop your back are the pull ups and chin ups. But, what if you do not have a bar at home?

Well, within the following video, you can learn moves that require no equipment at all but help target your back muscles.

Apparently, you will not be able to build huge lats with them, but you can keep those muscles healthy and fit. These activities are particularly useful for those who sit a lot or for total beginners who need necessary strength before starting harder exercises for back muscles. Also, they are great for warming up and adding versatility to your back workout.

No Equipment Bodyweight Back Exercises at Home

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Let’s recap the exercises

Most of them are perfect bodyweight back exercises for beginners. The last ones are just a bit harder.

  1. Scapular Wall Hold – When you do this static exercise try to keep your shoulder blades as close as possible.
  2. Scapular Wall Reps – Use the power of your upper back muscles to push yourself away from the wall instead of your arms and shoulders.
  3. Cobra – Great move to strengthen your lower back. Try to lift your upper body as high as possible and when you are up, keep the position for a moment.
  4. Superman – Almost same as the previous one, but a bit more difficult. Get as high as you can and do not use the momentum. One of the best lower back exercises without weights.
  5. Scapular Push Ups – Focus on your wing bone while you do it and do not use your arms or shoulders. Go as deep and as high as you can to extend the range of motion.
  6. Downward Dog Scapular Presses – Almost the same as the previous one, you just work your upper back from a different angle.
  7. Lying Flyes – Try to lift your arms as high as you can to force your scapulas to be as close as possible.
  8. Reverse Snow Angels – Perform this move as if you were swimming but keep your arms straight and make an extended move.
  9. Lying back press – Use the power of your upper back to lift yourself up.
  10. Posterior Plank – When you lift your tummy up, keep the position for a moment and tighten your back.
  11. Scapular Pushup to Dolphin – An excellent compound exercise.
  12. Extension plank – It works your core as well. The further you go with your feet, the more challenging to perform it.
  13. Single Arm Plank Rotation With Knee – Perfect for training your core and shoulder muscles as well.
  14. Plank With Reach Out and Back – Touch your feet and make your back straight for the best result.
  15. Plank Row – This is a light version of the dumbbell plank row that works your chest and back at once.
  16. Handstand Shoulder Taps – A difficult exercise but great for strengthening your entire upper body. This is my personal favorite on this list.
  17. Lat pushdown – Try to lift yourself up as high as possible. Instead of using a weight bench, you can use two chairs.


To sum up

These are very creative bodyweight exercises without a bar but do not underestimate the efficiency of them. Depending on your fitness level, pick 4-5 (or more) and do 10-15 reps with 3-4 sets. Do that bodyweight workout for back 1-3 times a week.




Do you know other calisthenics back exercises without a pull-up bar? Share with us below.

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