Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench Review

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Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

The Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench is a middle-class workout bench with good maximum weight capacity and useful functions that can make your workouts more versatile and comfortable. It is not for powerlifters but for at home training it is an excellent choice for anyone. It has a well-made structure made by a trusted and popular manufacturer Bowflex that gives 30 years warranty on the frame. It is good value equipment for the money with minor problems.


  • 6 adjustment levels
  • ​Good weight capacity
  • Stable structure
  • Robust frame
  • 30-years warranty


  • ​​Not compact
  • Shipping problems
For more about Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench, check out customer reviews on Amazon
2,600 Reviews
For more about Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench, check out customer reviews on Amazon
  • Size: 56L x 26W x 20H
  • Weight: 63 pounds

For our detailed review, read on.


What are the best features?

1. Many levels of adjustments for more versatile exercising

​You can adjust the positions in 6 different levels from 17-degree decline to 90-degree incline. Flat position is also available. (Bowflex 5.1 bench positions: -17, 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°and 90).

Most of the benches out there usually do not provide decline positions, although that function is useful to make your workout more versatile and focus on particular muscle groups. For example, you can perform decline bench press which shapes the lower part of your chest.

You can quickly set the level by pulling the board forward and placing the stabilizer bar at your chosen place.


2. Leg hold-down brace for extra safety

​Bowflex 5.1 bench comes with a removable leg hold-down which is thickly-padded for comfort. This is a useful function when you do decline exercises since it helps to keep your body in safe position. You can slip backward without it and that is not only annoying but also dangerous if you lift heavy weights.

You can also use this function to make sit-ups, but it will not be as comfortable as if you were using a sit up bench.

3. Horn-shaped stabilizers to avoid wobbling

​​Typically other adjustable benches come with T-shape stabilizers. But as you can see, the 5.1 Bowflex weight bench comes with a D or horn-shaped stabilizers with caps at the end of each. This way the bench does not move or wobble while it is under usage.

4. Adjustable seat for comfort and safety

Not just the backrest but also the seat can be adjusted to 2 levels. A flat and an inclined position is available. If you have ever done, for example, dumbbell shoulder presses (90-degree position) sitting on a flat seat, you may have experienced that you slip down. That is annoying, and you cannot focus on the exercise. You can avoid that by setting the incline level of the seat.

bowflex 5.1 bench
Stable basement


5. High Bowflex 5.1 bench weight capacity for lifting heavy weights

​The maximum user capacity is 300 lbs, and the max lifting load is 180 lbs. That is far enough for someone working out home. People who are heavy or lift heavy weights on it do not complain about wobbling at all.


Problems and Complains

Gap between the seat and backrest in flat position

​​If you set Bowflex Selecttech 5.1 in the flat position, there is a gap between the two parts. That is annoying mainly for shorter people since that hole is right under their lower back. But the fact is that, without that gap, it would be impossible to alter the bench into the 90-degree position.

Packaging and shipping problems

​​A few people ordering through Amazon complain about lousy packaging that the parts were everywhere.

​It is not compact

​The size of the bench is 56L x 26W x 20H, and it weighs 69 pounds. So, you need space to use and store. However, it comes with transportation wheels so you can move it around quickly. But, we should not forget that it is robust equipment so it must not be light and small.

bowflex dumbbell workout
5.1 + adjustable dumbbells = a good home workout



Is it foldable?

No. But you can set it into the flat position and stand it up to save space.

Are there Bowflex 5.1 bench attachments such as preacher curl?


What is the width of the backrest?

The back is 12 inches wide, and the seat is 15 inches.

Can I use it for jumps?

Yes, it is sturdy enough to step up and have “box” jumps.

Does it come with a manual?

Of course. The assembly instructions are easy to follow. (Just a few bolts should be screwed.) ​Check out here.

What are the best Bowflex bench exercises?

You can do all the well-known barbell and dumbbell exercises​ such as bench press, chest flys, etc. But you can do bodyweight moves as well such as bench dips or plyometric activities.

What is the difference between Bowflex 3.1 adjustable bench and this?

The version 3.1 comes with fewer levels and it is cheaper. You can read more about it here.


Verdict | Is it for you?

If you are searching for a stable, versatile and safe workout bench for home, but NOT for extreme weight lifting, Bowflex 5.1 bench is a good buy. It is worth its price and going to be a useful part of your home gym.



  • Weight Capacity
  • Functions & Features
  • Price







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