Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench Review

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Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

Are you searching for a robust workout bench that lets you lift heavy weights, adjustable to many levels and can be stored easily? Look no further because Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench gives all of these, and you do not even have to dig deep into your pocket. It is a professional home gym equipment that provides all the functions and features that you will need to have a perfect strength training at home.


  • High weight capacity
  • ​​Highly adjustable (both the seat and the back pad)
  • ​​Easy to store
  • ​​Safe and comfortable workout
  • Stable (wide stabilizers)
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for taller people
  • Excellent price for the value


  • The flat position could be better.
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2,769 Reviews
Read more Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max reviews here

  • Size: 59″L x 23.5″W x 48.5″H
  • Max capacity: 800 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year

For our detailed review, read on.


Best Features of Fitness Reality 1000

1. High maximum weight capacity – Perfect for heavy weight lifting

Compared to other equipment of this price range, this bench has a much higher maximum load capacity which is 800 lbs. (Thanks to the triangular support structure). This way it is suitable for anyone no matter how heavy he is or how much weight he would like to lift.

For example, even if you are a big guy who is 250 lbs, you can lift 550 pounds with it. That is far enough for anyone who wants to bench presses big. It also works fine with the fitness reality power rack which is an affordable but good value cage. (Check out Fitness Reality 810xlt Super Max Power Cage reviews here)

But, this high weight capacity is also a sign that you do not have to worry about breakage, so it is very durable equipment.

2. Adjust it as you want

Adjust it to flat, decline and incline levels

This is an FID bench meaning that the backrest can be set to flat, incline and decline positions. In this case, it supports 12 positions from -20 decline to 80-degree incline angles.

This way you can perform far more types of exercises, and you can focus on one particular muscle group better. For example, you do decline bench press for your lower and incline for your upper chest.

The 80-degree decline position is also useful since you can perform exercises that require stable sitting and back support. For example, dumbbell shoulder presses or dumbbell seated curls for biceps.

And finally, by setting it to the flat position beside the free weight exercises, you can perform bodyweight moves such as bench dips or Bulgarian split squats.

3. Adjustable leg hold down bar for safety and versatility

leg holder
Leg hold down bar for safety

The seat is 15.3W × 14.5L. Hence, it is somewhat large providing a comfortable sitting area while you work out.

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max also comes with a 3 position leg holder. That is a beneficial function since by fixing your feet there, you will keep your position and proper posture while performing the moves.

For example, when you do decline exercises, and you fix your feet between the bar, you will not slip backward. Hence, you can focus on the training itself.

Furthermore, the leg holder also lets you use this workout bench as a sit up bench. Therefore, you can do various abdominal exercises such as decline sit-ups, Russian twists and more. Although, it is not as comfortable as a real ab bench.

The leg holder is removable.

4. Don’t need it? Store it easily.

The Super May weight bench is also foldable making it an excellent choice for people having a little space at home. After folding it is just 51L x 23.5W x 9H, so you can store it under your bed or in the corner of your room.

Also, it has transportation wheels, so you can easily move it where you want. (Handy function for women)


5. No wobbling problems

Even if it is a rather lightweight bench, just 35 lbs, thanks to the extended stabilizers it does not wobble that much. Without a doubt, it is not as robust as the benches in the gym that are fixed to the ground. If you use a gym mat under it, you can eliminate that little wobbling.

6. Suitable for taller people

Most of the adjustable weight benches have a compact design and with that a rather short backrest. But, the Fitness Reality 1000 bench has a long back pad which 59 inches (150 cm) long. Hence, people up to 6.5 feet can use it comfortably.


Problems and Complaints

The flat position is slightly decline

A few users think the flat level is not “flat” but slightly decline which is a bit annoying for someone. On the other hand, other customers say it is not true, and there is not an uncomfortable gap between the seat, and the backrest like most of the adjustable workout benches have.

There is no need to worry since the manufacturer replace the product in case there is some problem.


Frequently Asked Questions

– Is the seat adjustable?

No, but the leg holders may substitute the lack of this function.

– Is it hard to assemble?

People find it easy to put it together, although the instructions should be more precise.


Verdict | Is it for you?

As you see, Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight bench has a good price/value ratio. It provides excellent training experience and a suitable home gym equipment for almost all levels. I surely recommended it to buy. The manufacturer has a more professional model the Fitness Reality X-Class 1500 lb Light Commercial Utility Bench as well in case you need something more robust.



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