Fitness Reality High Capacity Power Tower

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Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi Function Power Tower

If you are really serious about working out at home and need an ultra robust pull up and dip station, then look no further. The Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi-Function power tower is a gym quality exercise equipment that is very stable, thanks to the unique stabilizer system, and has high weight capacity (400 lbs). This way it is suitable for heavy users even if they want to use it with extra weights for example for dips.

Also, its adjustability and the professional multiple grip pull-up/chin-up station makes it an excellent exercise tower.

Its price is higher than the other towers have, but the quality is first rate. It provides excellent workout experience and lasts for long.


  • Very stable/heavy duty frame
  • High weight capacity
  • The stations are adjustable
  • Step support
  • Ergonomically designed backrest and arm pads
  • Great workout experience
  • Suitable for taller and professional trainees
  • Multiple grip pull-up/chin-up station


  • Pricey
  • Heavy

Customer Reviews / Price

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116 Reviews
Read more customer reviews about Fitness Reality X Power Tower here
  • Size: 63.4″ L x 49″ W x 83″ H
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • Warranty: 10 years frame, 3 years parts and 2 years wearable parts

For our detailed review, read on.


Fitness Reality X Class Power Tower Review

1. Killer stability even under heavy usage

professional stabilizers
Ultra stable basement

As you see, this fitness reality power tower comes with a unique stabilizer system. Also, it is 150 lb which is a sign that the manufacturer put the material into it.

Thanks to stabilizers and heavy duty frame, it does not wobble at all. Trainees around 250 lbs and who use extra weights for pull-ups and dips do not complain about wobbling at all.

But, if you are still a skeptic, you can fix it to the floor as well since it comes with drilled holes on the stabilizers. This way you can perform such exercise like muscle ups that require extraordinarily stable equipment.


2. High weight capacity = perfect for pros

The maximum capacity is 400 lb which is almost twice as similar equipment has. Such high max load makes it an excellent choice for trainees at high fitness level.

For example, I’m around 210 lbs, and I sometimes do dips with 40-50 pounds. With this tower, I can do dips with such a load without afraid of breakage or wobbling.

Even if you can do only a few reps from the various bodyweight exercises now, as you develop, you want to challenge yourself as you get stronger. With a cheaper product, you cannot do that, but this fitness reality x class power tower will serve your development in the long run.


3. Adjustability to tweak it to your needs


Most of the pull-up dip stations come without any adjustability functions, so you cannot tweak them to your workouts or your body. Well, you can do that with this tower.

Firstly, there are the bottom handlebars/foam rollers that are mainly used for push ups and sit ups. But, you can quickly put them in other positions on the upright as there are holes there. This way you can do additional exercises like incline or decline push-ups, reverse pull-ups or easier dips.

Also, the thanks to the holes on the upright you can place the vertical knee raise/dip station to your height. If you short, you can put it lower, if you are taller up. Although, it comes with step support to easily mount yourself for dips and leg lifts.


4. Multiple grip pull-up/chin-up station for better muscle targeting

Multiple grip

The multiple pull-up station also provides more possibilities to exercise. Besides the classic chin and pull up with narrow or wide grips, you can do hammer grip pull ups. That is a great exercise to develop your biceps and forearms. This function cannot be found in other towers.

The bars are covered with non-slip grips. But, some users with small hands find them a bit thick. They have replaced them with thinner grips.

The width of the pull-up bars is comfortable, not too wide, nor too narrow.


5. Ergonomic padding

The vertical knee raise station has forearm pads that are covered 2.25 inches thick upholstery for the comfort of your elbows and arm. Also, they are angled inward a little bit which force your forearms and shoulders to be in a more stable position while doing the knee or leg lifts. This is particularly useful for beginners.

Also, the backrest is 3 inches thick and angled to provide a comfortable support for your lower back.

Customers find the VKR station very convenient to use.


The Bad

Expensive but you get what you pay for

Compared to other workout towers this product cost at least twice as much. Others cost about 150 bucks and are suitable for an average user, and do not provide so many functions.

But, considering its features, it is worth its price. It provides more ways to exercise, heavy duty and stable making it suitable for pro users.


Heavy and big

We are talking about heavy and large equipment, so moving around is not a piece of cake. I recommend for people who have enough plce to use and store.




What is the distance between the dip handlebars?

About 25 inches, that width is suitable for most of the people.


Is it tall enough for people above 6 feet?

Yes! The height of the bar is 83 inches. Obviously, you will have to bend your knees, but that is the same with all the other power towers.


How far are the dip bars from the ground?

55 inches which is rather high. Hence, high enough for tall people, and short people can use the step up support.


How is it different from Ironman triathlon x class multi-function power tower?

It is the same. Just the seller is new.


Verdict / Is it for you?

If you are looking for a professional pull up dip station for bodyweight strength training and you have the money for it, just buy this big boy. You will not regret it. If I had to buy one, I would get it for sure. In my opinion, it is the best power tower available today.



  • Functions & features
  • Stability
  • Delivery
  • Price
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