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Gold's Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

The Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 power tower (GGBE0969) is reliable middle-class pull-up and dip station that is suitable for regular at home training. It comes with all the well-known functions that are required to perform the essential bodyweight exercises. The wobbling is minimal thanks to the extended stabilizers. Also, its rather high equipment, so it is suitable for taller people.

Its weight capacity is OK, but heavier guys, over 220 lbs, or pro trainees should look for something more robust. Anyway, it is excellent price/value home gym equipment for the Average Joe.


  • Dip, pull up, VKR and push up stations
  • Easy assembly
  • Perfect delivery
  • High
  • Good price


  • Minimal wobbling
  • Not good for extreme usage

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654 Reviews
Check out more customer reviews about Gold's Gym XR 10.9 power tower here.
  • Dimensions: 57L x 41W x 84H
  • Warranty:

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Best features of Gold’s Gym power tower

Everything you need for a total upper body workout

It comes with all the functions you will need to perform the most beneficial bodyweight exercises to build muscle and functional strength.

The multi-grip pull up bar enables to do the various pull-up and chin-ups to develop your back, shoulder and arm muscles. The bar is covered with non-slip material so you can grab it firmly. Also, it is high, about 7 feet. Hence, it provides an excellent workout experience for taller trainees.

The dip exercise is a potent move to strengthen your triceps, shoulder, and chest. The distance between the two bars is about 25 inches. That is not too wide nor narrow providing a comfortable range for performing the move. Although, users under 5 feet may find it a bit wide.

The vertical knee raise or leg raise station is well-constructed. The backrest and arms pads are thickly covered, so they give a comfortable use. And since the equipment itself is rather high taller people can use this section without bending their knees if they want to do straight leg lifts.

And finally, the push-up station which gives an extra boost to your upper body training. With the help of it, you can go deeper, and that way push-ups will stimulate the muscles even better thanks to the more extended range of motion.

To sum up, each of the workout stations works as they should and provides an excellent workout experience.

Check the video for Gold’s Gym power tower exercises.


Good delivery and easy assembly

Putting together Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 is not so complicated even if there so many elements of it, you just need to follow the assembly instructions. Although, you will need a few tools.

Tip: Only tighten the bolts after putting it together.

Also, there is no problem with the delivery. There are no missing bolts or other parts that are typical with other products. And if you have any questions the support kindly help.



Minimal wobbling

Users with average high and weight, under 190 lbs and 6 feet, say the wobbling is minimal and not annoying at all. The customers feel it is sturdy and stable. Heavier and taller guys complain a bit more about moving, though. So, I would buy something more robust, if I were over 250 lbs.

Plus, by putting a rubber gym mat under the equipment, you can drastically decrease wobbling and moving.

Not for pros

If you are over 250 lbs or want to use it for exercises with extra weights, or for performing moves like muscle up or front lever, this tower is not for you. You will need a more professional product.



Can it be stored outdoor?

It is not rust and sun resistant so sooner or later there will be damages on the paint and the pads. But it will function. I would store it indoors instead.

Will it stand on a carpet?

Yes, I think it will be stable on it, too.


Verdict | Is it for you?

In case you are searching for solid pull up dip station for regular upper body strength training at home, I recommend Gold’s gym power tower to buy. It does its work well, and its price is great as well.



  • Functions & features
  • Stability
  • Price
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