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ironmaster super bench

If you need a professional weight lifting bench for your home gym, the Ironmaster Super Bench is worth to check out. Thanks to its unique system, it comes with a lot of levels, 11 inclines, declines, and apparently it functions as a flat bench as well. It has high, 1000 lbs maximum weight capacity that is enough for even a serious lifter. And it has an excellent design. It looks cool.

However, its price is almost twice as other adjustable workout benches. But, we are talking about a high-quality gym equipment that suitable for anyone at any fitness level.


  • High weight capacity
  • Unique system to adjust it
  • 22 levels of adjustments plus flat
  • Optional attachments
  • The adjustable incline seat follows the backrest
  • Very stable / heavy duty construction
  • Comfortable upholstery


  • For short people, it is a bit high in flat position
  • The seat could be a bit narrower.
  • Pricey
  • Not easy to move around
  • Can’t hook your feet in decline levels unless you buy the roller attachment separately.
Check out customer reviews about Ironmaster Super Bench here.
251 Reviews
Check out customer reviews about Ironmaster Super Bench here.
  • Back pad: 44″x 10″
  • Flat height: 20 inches
  • Footprint: 17″ x 41″
  • Weight: 60 lbs

Read on for our honest Ironmaster bench review.


Best Features of Ironmaster Super Bench

High weight capacity – Perfect for the strongest

The maximum load in the flat position that bench can handle is 1000 lbs. This way it is suitable for even very heavy bench presses with the help of a power rack.

Users do not complain about a wide gap between the seat and the back pad in flat position. That is usually a problem that makes the flat level uncomfortable to work out on.

In inclined and declined positions, it can be used up to 600 lbs. That amount is OK even for the strongest people, particularly for dumbbell training.

Many levels to choose from and quick adjustment

easy locking
Easy locking system

Compared to other FID benches, which comes with a “ladder” that should be put into places to get the levels, it has a unique system for that purpose. You just need to pull the lock, turn the back pad to the position you want to use, and lock it. It is easy and fast. And the locking works from both sides.

Also, thanks to this system you can choose from 11 declines, inclines, and flat positions. (0, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 and 85 degrees) Hence, you can tweak it to your exercise needs as much as you want.

However, for using the decline positions, you should remove the seat. But that is also a quick and easy process.

The seat and the backrest is “together”

If you check other adjustable weight lifting benches, the seat and the back pad are two separated part of the exercise equipment. If the seat is not adjustable and it is parallel to the floor, when you do incline exercises you may slip forward a bit unless you hold against with your feet.

However, Ironmaster Super bench is different from that since the seat is connected to the backrest. Hence, it is always perpendicular to the pad. This way no matter what incline level you will use, it provides stable sitting.

Many Optional Accessories for Full Body Training


For an extra cost, you can choose from several attachments.

Crunch-Situp Attachment: Perfect for doing abs exercises such as decline sit-ups. But also, useful for other practices such as decline dumbbell bench press since you can fix your feet so you will not slide off.

Bar Dip Handle: For performing the dip bodyweight exercise that is perfect for developing your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Chin Up Bar: Pull and chin-ups are great moves to target your back, shoulders, and arms.

Preacher Curl for biceps training with dumbbells or barbell.

Ironmaster Super Bench leg attachment for leg extension and curl to develop your lower body. For that, apparently, you will need weight plates.

These extras cost about $60-100, and you can buy them individually. Anyway, if you get all, you will have multi home gym equipment for total body workout.

Comfortable Upholstery

The backrest is 44″x 10,” and it is covered with a 3 inches thick stitched vinyl upholstery. That is slightly thick, but for lifting heavy weights, such thickness is required. But it is not too soft, not too hard. Users find it very comfortable.

Check out more reviews here why trainees like this adjustable weight bench.


Problems & Complaints

In flat position, it is high for short people

Typically, weight lifting benches are about 17-18 inches high. That level is comfortable for almost everyone while bench pressing.

However, Ironmaster Bench is taller, 20 inches in height. That is usually too much for short people, under 5.3 feet, since they cannot establish their feet on the ground while pressing to keep their stability and the correct posture.

No leg holder included

For decline exercises a leg holder is required, mainly if you lift heavy weights, to avoid slipping backward. Unfortunately, this product does not come with this function. You have to buy the sit-up/crunch accessory separately. It costs around 70 bucks.

Not portable & folding

The bench is 44” long x 18.75” wide x 20” high and requires an 18.75” x 41” frame footprint. So it is not small and requires space. Also, it is not foldable and does not come with transportation wheels.

The weight is about 60 lbs which is not so heavy to move around for a man, but for a woman it is.



What is the length of the warranty?

Ten years for the frame and one year for the upholstery. But only for home usage.

Is it hard to assemble?

It comes pre-assembled. In 5 minutes, it is ready to use.

What is the width of the back pad?

10 inches. I think it should be a bit wider.


Verdict | Is it for you?

Considering its functions, capacity, and convenience, Ironmaster Super Bench is a good buy for an average or taller person for even serious strength training at home. It will be a solid and helpful partner of your training without a doubt. On the other hand, it is pricey, and if you want to make it even better, you will need to spend even more.


  • Weight Capacity
  • Functions & Features
  • Price
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