Which is better? Morning or evening workout?

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I have been working out for about 20 years now, and I always train in the afternoon or the evening. Not because I’m not active enough in the morning since I’m an early riser, but because I do not feel warmed up enough. I do not like when my joints and muscles are “cold.” Also, a workout is a kind of reward after a hard day and to release stress.

But, I do not say an evening workout is better than a morning one. Just that is the time which works me better.

Which is better for you?

That you can stick with!

If you want to get results, no matter if that is weight loss or muscle gain, you have to be consistent. If you miss your workouts for this or that all the time, you will hardly reach your goals.

If you are so sleepy in the morning that you fall out of your bed, you will hardly have the willpower to train. And if you have hectic work days, it is also hard to force yourself to exercise. So it is maybe better to get your workout in the morning.

We are different. What works for others, may not for you.

So, YOU have to find out if morning or evening workout is more suitable for you. For a few weeks train in the morning, then in the evening (or vice versa). So, you will know which time of the day is easier for you to stick with.

I know there are studies and fitness expert advice about what time of the day is better for metabolism, or muscle gain. However, if you cannot stick to that time, and you cannot be intensive during your workouts, that is going to be good for nothing.

So, do what works for you. And do not care about anything else.

Interested in the cons and pros of working out in the morning or evening? Check out the following infographic from backontrackfitness.com.au for more facts.

when is the best time to work out morning or night
Is it better to workout in the morning or night? | Pros & Cons

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