Power Tower Abs Workout for Strong Core

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power tower abs workout

One reason why I love the power tower workout equipment so much is the vertical knee raise station that it comes with. With the help of it, you can do different knee and leg raises that are very powerful moves for core strength.

Maybe, they are better than the abdominal exercises we usually do on the floor, such as crunches, because the resistance is higher. Why? Because lifting your lower body is harder than your upper body. With that with fewer reps, we can build stronger abs.

Typically, trainees do only knee and leg lifts on the tower which are perfect for developing the rectus abdominis. You know, the stomach muscles that shape the six pack.

However, by alternating the moves a little bit, you can target your obliques. Those are the muscles which are on both sides of your tummy and which are responsible for getting those V-cut abs.

The following beginner power tower workout for abs is an excellent example how you can have a total core training with various lifts. This training is not so hard, so it is suitable for beginners.

If you are at a better fitness level, just increase the number of reps and sets, or use ankle weights if you have such a strong midsection.

Here are the vertical knee raise machine exercises for abs done in the video.

  1. Knee raises
  2. Alternating side knee raises
  3. Straight leg raises
  4. Alternating straight leg raises

VKR muscles worked


Power tower abs workout tips for better results

  • Do movements slowly. Do not use the momentum while executing the moves. Do them slowly, focus on the proper form and your abs.
  • The higher you lift your legs or knees, the longer the range of motion will be so it will develop your abs even better.
  • When you lower your legs or knees back to the starting position, do it slowly. Do not “drop” them.
  • At the top of the move, squeeze your abs and hold the position for a moment. For example, when you lift your legs and your body is in an L shape.
  • Only add ankle weights as additional resistance if you are warmed up, and you can already perform numerous reps from the regular exercise. Using weights might be dangerous for your joints.
  • A better way to add extra resistance is using a long and light rubber band. Fix the band at the bottom of the tower and to your ankles. And lift your legs or knees in that way. This way both the lifting and lowering motion will be much harder.
  • Finally, instead of using the VKR section, use the pull-up bar. This way you should control your body to avoid swinging. As a result, even more, muscles are engaged plus your grip will get stronger.


To sum up

Do this abs workout routine 2-3 times a week, and you will see how strong and shaped your abs will be. Although, do not forget, if you have belly fat, you should do cardio training and follow a healthy diet to burn body fat.


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