Pull Up Dip Station Buying Guide | What to Look For

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pull up dip station buying guide

A pull up dip station (power tower) is the most beneficial piece of multifunction home gym equipment for performing bodyweight exercises at home. Typically, they are 4 in 1 items that come with a pull-up, dip, push up, and vertical knee raise station at once. This way, we can have a complete upper body training at home.

Having one at home is, without doubt, a useful thing. But if you want to buy one you should pay attention to several factors to get the equipment that will suit you the best.

Here, I’m going to show you what to look for when checking pull up towers beside reading the customer reviews. So, you can pick the right one for you and avoid low-quality products.

Features to Look for when Buying Pull Up Dip Station

1. Weight Capacity

Each equipment has a maximum load capacity. In most of the cases that is about 250-300 lbs, but a few products come with over 400 pounds.

If you have average weight, under 220 lbs, and you do not want to use the tower with extra loads, then a standard station will do for you. But if you are a heavier person and/or want to use additional resistance for pull-ups and dips, get a professional model.

Keep in mind, that the bigger the user is, the higher the possibility of wobbling and falling over is.

In my opinion, it is better to buy equipment that has a maximum capacity at least 50 lbs more than our body weight. This way, we do to have to worry any problems at all.

2. Dimensions

power tower dimensions
Parts of an exercise tower


Will I have enough space at home?

As I mentioned before, power towers are 4 in 1 equipment. Hence, they are not small and need space to use and store. So, before buying one check twice the footprint to know if you have enough space at home.

Do not forget to add a few feet around the area which is required to do the power tower exercises comfortably. For example, if you do leg lifts you need extra space in front of you. (You do not want to kick your wife’s favorite standing lamp, do you?)

Is my ceiling high enough?

Typically, a tower is about 80 inches high, but there are shorter and taller ones. Hence, it is crucial to know if you have enough space above you while performing pull-ups. I think, at least 25 inches is required between the ceiling and the pull-up bar. But, the more, the better.

Is the tower high enough for me to exercise comfortably?

As I mentioned before, most of the pull-up and dip stations are around 80 inches high. But, no matter which workout station you buy, you will have to bend your knees while performing pull or chin ups.

That tallness is OK for people under 6 feet, but for taller guys, above 6.3 feet, it is better to look for something higher. It is annoying when your knees touch the ground when you let yourself down.

Are the dip bars suitable for me?

This is usually a problem for people under average height. If the handles are too wind, it is uncomfortable to perform the dip exercise. If that is the case, it is maybe better if you purchase a compact model.

3. Stability

heavy duty frame
Heavy duty frame and stabilizers

A wobbling and moving pull up station is not just dangerous to use but also annoying. It does not let you focus on the exercises.

Get a tower that is robust, has extended stabilizers at the bottom and a heavy-duty frame. Always, check the customer reviews to get info on wobbling.

Anyway, wobbling may come from other reasons not just from the badly-manufactured product.

Bad-assembly is one of them. So, follow the instructions carefully. Also, I recommend you to tighten the bolts after putting it together.

Another reason might be that the floor is not straight or smooth enough. If that is the case, put a rubber gym mat under the power tower exercise equipment, or you may want to fix it by drilling the stabilizers to the ground.

4. Hand grips

The dip and pull up bars comes with hand grips. (if not, do not buy it). They provide reliable grip while performing the moves, so you do not need to use workout gloves. Check the customer reviews of the particular product to know if grips do not fall or tear quickly.

5. Price

Considering the bodyweight training possibilities a free standing pull up station can give you, prices are not too high. Even under 150 bucks, you can get one which is perfect for the average Joe. I think that is not that much compared to the current gym memberships and freedom you will have to work out whenever you want.

Apparently, the gym quality models with extra functions and high weight capacity cost more, but they last a lifetime.

I have checked used power towers on eBay and other sites, but the prices are lower just a little bit. I would rather buy a new that comes with full warranty.

6. Assembly

This fitness equipment comes in a box, so you have to put it together. Hence, you need to have wrenches (or an adjustable wrench) and a screwdriver to put it together. You will get a manual that you should follow carefully. These products are made in such a way that they are relatively easy to assemble. But, there are always exceptions.

Hence, check out the customer reviews particularly for missing parts and if the bolt holes are lined up.


If you follow the mentioned tips above, I think it will be much easier to buy the most suitable pull up dip station for you that functions as it should. Within our pull up tower section, you can start your research as we give honest power tower exercise equipment reviews there.

And, if you still have questions, feel free to ask below. We will answer asap.

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