Is the pull up dip station good for muscle ups?

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pull up dip station muscle up

Without a doubt, the power tower is the most useful workout equipment for people who would like to perform bodyweight exercises indoor such as traditional pull-ups or dips.

However, if you are serious about working out, sooner or later the time comes when you would like to do more challenging exercises such as muscle ups.

But, is it safe to use a pull-up and dip station for muscle ups?

Well, might be, but there are some factors you should keep in mind to avoid serious injuries.

Here, I’m going to talk about these, so you will know if your home pull up station is suitable. And I also share a few tips.

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Weight Capacity & Your Weight

Most of the towers have around 250 lbs maximum capacity which is OK for most of the trainees to perform the essential moves.

But, to do the muscle-up safely, you need more robust equipment. Just think about the load the machine gets when you are in the last phase of the movement.

Hence, I recommend doing only this exercise if the maximum capacity of the tower is about twice as much as your weight. So, if your tower can handle about 300 lbs, and you are 160-170 pounds, you may use it. But forget such equipment like Stamina 1690 power tower that is lightweight.

If you are a heavier guy, you must search for a commercial grade pull up dip station with high capacity like Fitness Reality X-Class that can be used up to 400 lbs.


Is the equipment stable enough?

Well, no matter if the tower comes with enough capacity if it wobbles and falls over you.

If the floor is uneven, you can put a rubber gym mat under it. If it still moves, you can place weight plates on the opposite stabilizers, but in my opinion, it is not the safest solution.

The best is if you fix it to the ground with bolts. For that, you should drill holes on the stabilizers which may weaken the frame. But I still believe that is the best way to have a rock solid tower.

Do strict pull ups

Well, it is easier said than done, since that is the last step of the muscle up progression. So, this advice works only for advanced trainees.

Even if you cannot do a strict muscle up, try not kipping too much to avoid wobbling.


Check the height of the ceiling

When you push yourself up at the final phase, you will need a lot of space above you depending on your height. I think, 50-60 inches is the minimum for most of us. Since most of the towers are about 80 inches, the ceiling should be rather high. (unless you prefer training outdoor)


To sum up

I think, the typical power towers, unless you fix them to the floor, are not the best options to perform muscle ups. Maybe for light people. A gym quality, commercial grade power tower like the XMark XM-7617 with 600 lbs, or the mentioned Fitness Reality with 400 lbs capacity are far better options. Or you can build a homemade pull up dip station that will suit your needs.

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