Push Up and Jump Rope Workout for Quick & Effective Training

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Push Up and Jump Rope Workout

Do you want to train your entire body quickly at home to boost your strength, cardio and endurance? Well, you do not need any special equipment. Just a jumping rope and your own body.

The push up is the best bodyweight exercise to strengthen your upper body particularly your chest, but it works your arms, shoulders and even your abs.

The jump rope workout benefits are numerous. It is a great cardio activity that quickly boosts your heart rate. With that, it develops your endurance and burn fat. It also build your agility and quickness. That is why it is in the workouts of fighters.

Let’s combine them and you will get a workout that works all parts your body. And it should not be lengthy, but intensive.

I found an example video that you can try from Jump Rope Dudes (they shared many other power workouts). It also helps to create your own routine.


20 Min Chest and Jump Rope Tabata Workout

This is a classic Tabata training when you do regular push ups and variations for 20 sec followed by 20 sec jump roping variations. In circuit, you do 8 exercises one after. Try to complete 4-5 circuits with one minute rest between.

If you are a beginner just do regular press ups (maybe with the help of your knees) and the skipping rope variation that you can do the best.


Create your jump rope and push up challenge. Depending on your fitness level you can increase the length of the exercises, or perform harder moves, or have more circuits and sets. You do not have to be an expert to create you high intensity workout to burn fat and develop your stamina.

Personally, I do similar training for 10-15 minutes on my rest days (I like to be active on those days) or when I do not have enough time for a full session.

Have you tried it? Share how it worked for you.

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