Push Up with Bars for Boosting Your Upper Body Strength

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push up with bars

If you have doing push-ups on the floor for some time now, you might be able to do 30-40 reps easily. And that is a good sign that your physique is pretty good.

But, you may see no changes in the size of your chest for some time, and you feel you need extra resistance to boost the strength of your upper body. Who else does not want big and strong chest?

It is the time when you should try some more advanced variations to overload your muscles. Hence, they have to gain to be accustomed to the new burden.

One way is to do push up with bars. That simple exercise equipment is an easy way to get better results from your press up training.

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What are the benefits of push up with bars?


The longer range of motion

Push up bar vs regular pushup

The main reason why bars are so beneficial is that you can increase the range of motion. If you do push-ups on the ground, you go down until your chest almost touches the floor. But, by using bars which are about 4-6 inches high, you have to go deeper.

The more extended range of motion results in more efficient muscle mass and strength development. (The study)

You can get the same results by adding extra resistance to your push-ups, for example by using a weighted vest. But, from my experience, and studies have also proved it, it is better to go for the full range of motion first.

So, get progressive overload with bars first, and when you can do many reps use weights if you want.


Better for you wrist

I have never had problems with my wrists. But I know many people who do push up bars exercises instead of regular ones because stands are more comfortable for them. Anyway, it is logical since your hands are not turned backward, so there is not such a stress on the joints.

On the other hand, if you have shoulder problems, the bars will not help. Or, maybe worse since you have to go deep.


Use them for other exercises


Depending on the height of the bars, you can use them for other bodyweight exercises.

For example, for handstand push-ups which is an advanced move to boost the strength of your upper body mainly your shoulders and triceps. For L-sit that gains your abs and triceps, or for dips.


Beginners guide on how to use push up bars correctly

In my opinion, if you are a beginner, you should be able to do at least 15 regular press-ups before using bars. This way you will have the necessary strength and routine to perform a few push ups with bars correctly.

Warning: Always warm up before! Going down deep with cold muscles may lead to injuries!

Watch the video for the tutorial.


Tip: To get the best results pay attention to the correct form. Keep your back straight, tighten your abs and perform the motions in a controlled way.


Push up bars exercise variations

I love bodyweight training because there are many variations for development. And the same is true for the push up with stands.

Here are a few push up bar variations.

  • Close grip: By putting the bars closer to each other, you can focus on your triceps and the inner parts of your chest.
  • Wide grip: By increasing the distance between your hands, your rare shoulders and back will be engaged more besides you pecs.
  • Decline: Put your feet on something higher, that way there will be more load on your upper body, and do decline push ups which work the upper parts of your chest thoroughly.
  • With single-arm: If you can do single arm push ups on the floor, you can try to do them with a bar. But, be careful. Only use a very stable push up stand.

And these are just a few examples. The variations are almost endless.

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Push up bar workout plan

Let’s say you are not a total beginner, and you would like to have a complete chest training. So here is a quick routine:

  • Regular: 3×15
  • Decline: 2-3×10-12
  • Close: 2-3×8-10



Fixed vs. rotating?

Some people prefer the rotating version since it helps them to perform the movements in such a state which is even more comfortable for their wrists and shoulders. The slight rotation of the stands helps the joints to move as they “want” instead of being fixed. If you have no problems, then no matter which you choose.


To sum up

If you want to give an extra boost to your upper body workout, doing push ups with bars is a great idea. That equipment costs just a few bucks but can help you a lot to grow in size and strength.

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