Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench Review

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Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench

In case you are searching for a very high capacity flat workout bench that provides training experience like the gym benches, look no further. The Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench can be used up to 1000 lbs, very stable and comfortable to use. It has a sleek leather finish, transportation wheels and even a handlebar that provides more options to exercise. Apparently, it costs more than standard flat benches, but we are talking about a gym quality equipment that is suitable for powerlifting.


  • Very high maximum capacity
  • Comfortable padding
  • Very sturdy
  • Mobile
  • Easy assembly
  • Great support


  • A bit more expensive (but it is professional equipment)

Price / Customer reviews

TITAN Fitness Flat Weight Bench with Handle and Wheels, Supports 1000 lbs
141 Reviews
TITAN Fitness Flat Weight Bench with Handle and Wheels, Supports 1000 lbs
  • Overall Length: 52″ – Overall Width: 17″ – Overall Height: 17″
  • Capacity: 1000 pounds

For our detailed review, read on.


Best Features of Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench

1. Extra high weight capacity

The maximum load that this bench can stand is 1000 lbs. Hence, it is suitable for powerlifting. Pro athletes who use it say they did not experience any problems under 700 pounds or more load while performing barbell bench press with a power rack. That is the reasons why gym owners buy this product as well.

2. Solid like gym benches

Thanks to the robust frame, structure and the stabilizers with thick rubber caps, the bench does not wobble or move under usage at all. It is so stable that people use it for step ups or jumps. You have a feeling as if the bench is fixed to the floor.

heavy duty frame
Heavy duty flat weight bench


3. Comfortable backrest that is suitable for everyone

The length of the back pad is 48 inches, and it is 12 inches wide. That size makes it suitable for taller and huger people to perform the exercises the right way.

Also, the pad is covered with a 2.25 inches upholstery that gives excellent user experience. It is not too soft nor too firm. And the comfy feelings is the same under lifting heavy weights.

Finally, we should not forget that it has a leather finish which is rather rare among workout benches.

4. Portable

Thanks to the handlebar and the transportation wheels you can quickly relocate where you want it. Since this Titan Fitness workout bench is 57 lbs, this function is beneficial for female users.

Also, by grabbing the handle, you can perform leg raises on the bench which is a great abdominal exercise.



The price is a bit high, but you get a home gym equipment that will serve you for long years without any problems. Plus, we are talking about a 1000 lb capacity weight bench.


Verdict | Is it for you?

To sum up, Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench is an excellent purchase. It provides the same workout experience as the competition benches have. Perfect for anyone from beginners to pro bodybuilders and powerlifters. It is an outstanding alternative to a Rogue flat bench at a lower price. Of course, I recommend it to buy.



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