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weider power tower

The Weider power tower is a middle-class home gym equipment. Once it is put together, it is stable even for a heavier and taller user. The dip, pull up and push up station function as they should providing an enjoyable workout experience. And its price is not bad as well.

However, the way it is shipped is critical, and the assembly is a pain in the butt. There are a lot of complaints about missing parts, terrible packaging, and delayed support. Not everyone experiences these problems, but keep these issues in mind before purchasing it. (I cannot understand how such a “trusted” manufacturer like Weider lets itself to sell a product this way.)


  • Good stability
  • High structure
  • Back and arm support for vertical knee-leg raise.
  • Good weight capacity


  • Missing or badly-made parts
  • Difficult assembly
  • Dangerous materials used
  • Terrible packaging
  • Slow support


Customer reviews/price

Read what users like and dislike about Weider power tower here.
1,800 Reviews
Read what users like and dislike about Weider power tower here.
  • Length: 4 ft. 9 in. (145 cm)
  • Width: 3 ft. 5 in. (104 cm)
  • Height: 7 ft. (213 cm)

For our detailed review, read on.


Top Features of Weider Power Tower

Very good stability

As you can see from the picture above, it has slightly long parallel stabilizers. Thanks to them the wobbling of the pull up tower is minimal even if it is used by heavy people. Trainees with over 250 lbs. say there is just a little wobbling under correct usage.

What do I mean by correct usage?

When you perform the exercises with a proper form without momentum. There is no pull up dip station that does not wobble if you swing on it.

This equipment is tall

The multi-grip pull up bar is about 82 inches while the dip bars are about 49 inches from the ground. Hence, it provides comfortable power tower workout even for taller people. Guys around 6.3 feet use it without difficulty. (But don’t forget to measure your ceiling to know if you have enough space.)

If you are short, you can step up to the footrest to position yourself to the dip or the vertical knee raise station. Also, you can step on the push up handles to reach the pull up bar. If you are around 5.2 feet, you may not need to bend your knees.

weider 200
Suitable for taller users


Comfortable leg raise station

Weider 200 comes with a backrest and arm pads which are very useful for beginners to perform the two powerful abdominal exercises, the vertical knee and leg raise. Thanks to these functions you can focus on your abs muscles more as you will not swing as if you were using just a pull up bar.

Both the arm and backrest is thickly padded and provides a comfortable surface while you are training.

Nice maximum weight capacity

The maximum load is 300 lbs. This way heavy guys can use it. Also, if you are light, you can add extra resistance to the bodyweight exercises by using a dip belt with weight plates or a weighted vest.

Some trainees with 180 lbs body weight use it with extra 50-60 pounds load without experiencing any wobbling.


Problems & complaints

Missing or badly-functioning parts

Most of the issues come from missing parts. Some customers did not get just a few washers or bolts while others vital elements such as the upright. OK, buying a few screws or washers is not a big deal, but who wants to spend time with that?

Another problem that sometimes comes up is that the parts are too short or long, or the holes are not well-drilled.

If something is missing or badly-manufactured, you can get in touch with the seller for replacement parts, and you will get them sooner or later.

In my point of view, these problems are unacceptable.

Difficult assembly

You will get the Weider 200 power tower manual with the instructions how to put it together, but for most of the people, it is not easy at all. Particularly, if they something is missing. So, you need help if you are not good at putting things together. Download the Weider power tower assembly instructions here.

California Proposition 65 Warning

Unfortunately, the manufacturer uses materials that might be dangerous for the health (cancer and congenital disabilities). OK, I know we do not want to eat it, but it is good to know what we bring at home.



Should I fix it to the floor?

Well, it is not a bad idea, but there is no need to since it is solid. Or you can put a gym mat under it for even better stability and protecting the floor.

Is it easy to move around?

The weight of the equipment is about 95 lbs, so it is a bit heavy but not impossible.

What is the width of the dip handles?

23 inches. That width is comfortable for most of the people.

Does it come with additional accessories?

No. It comes as it is.

Verdict | Is it for you?

The Weider power tower exercise equipment would be an excellent piece of pull up stand if there were not so many problems with delivery, missing parts, and assembly. Should you buy it? Well, I would. If I bumped into any issues, and I would send it back, and that is it.



  • Functions & features
  • Stability
  • Price
  • Delivery
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