Weight Bench Leg Exercises for Total Lower Body Training

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weight bench leg exercises

Most of us get a workout bench to perform exercises like dumbbell bench press or chest flyes. But, did you know there are a few powerful weight bench leg exercises with dumbbells or even without any equipment?

If you want to build a strong and symmetric body, you should not forget about leg training. Your legs are the base of your body so they must be strong as well. Plus, who wants to look like Johnny Bravo, right?

The best would be to have a squat rack with a barbell, but if it is not possible, do not worry, because I’m going to show you very efficient weight bench exercises for legs that will develop the size and the strength of your limbs for sure.

Let’s see them.

Top leg exercises on weight bench

1. Bulgarian Split Squat (Bench Lunge)

bulgarian split squat


The Bulgarian split squat is an excellent compound exercise to train the entire lower body. It works your calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Plus, since you have to keep your balance your core muscles are also engaged.

If you are a beginner, do it without dumbbells first. And as you get better and better in it, increase the amount of weight you use.

2. Single Leg Squat to Bench

single leg squat


The bodyweight squat is a perfect move, but you can make it a killer training if you use only one of your legs. That movement is called Pistol Squad. However, that is a challenging exercise that requires powerful thighs and a lot of practice.

An easier but still powerful leg exercise to develop muscle mass and strength is the single leg squat to bench since you do need to go so deep. It is a good practice to prepare your lower body for pistol squats.

3. Box Jump

The box jump, in this case, flat bench jump, is a great plyometric exercise that develops the explosive power of your legs. Also, it is an excellent cardio activity to boost your heart rate, so it helps to burn fat.

4. Step Down

step down


This is a kind of single leg squat alternative that works your glutes and quadriceps. And since it is pretty hard to keep your balance, it works your calves and abs muscles as well.

5. Step Up

step up


It is almost the opposite of the previous one working the same muscles. To make the movement harder, you can use a pair of dumbbells depending on your fitness level. Or you can make explosive moves instead of slow ones.

6. Glute Bridge

glute bridge


This single movement targets your hamstring and glutes very efficiently. If you want to shape your butt, just do it. In my opinion, it is among the best weight bench exercises for glutes. If you can do a lot of reps, you can increase the resistance by placing a weight plate or maybe a dumbbell on your stomach. To get the best results squeeze your muscles at the top.

+ Weight bench leg attachment exercises

In case your bench comes with curl and extension attachments do not forget to use them since they are useful leg developer exercises. The weight bench leg curl works your hamstrings and glutes while the extension works your quads perfectly.


Be careful! If you have not tried similar exercises on your flat bench before, check out if it does not wobble, mainly if you do explosive movements.


You have just learned six powerful weight bench leg exercises so that you can create your routine. Pick 3-4 or even all depending on your fitness level to have a total leg workout at home that requires only a flat bench.

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