Xmark Deluxe Power Tower and Heavy Bag Stand

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Xmark Deluxe Power Tower and Heavy Bag Stand
Dip, VKR, pull up and boxing station

If you want to get a great physique, you should do both strength and cardio training. Personally, I do bodyweight training to build functional strength and heavy bag workouts to enhance my endurance and burn fat. And this combination works really well for me.

But, for this combo, you need various equipment. A pull bar, dip station, and a punching bag. And if you get everything, that requires a lot of space at your home gym.

A great alternative is the Xmark Deluxe Power Tower with heavy bag stand since it comes with all the functions to get this combo training.

Firstly, it is a power tower so you can perform the most beneficial bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, chin ups, dips, push-ups, leg raises plus their variations. These moves are perfect for developing strength and muscles.

But, it also comes with a punching bag stand so that you can do punch bag training. Did you know that an intensive bag workout is among the most effective cardio training? Plus, it helps to develop your defense and offense skills, and also good to get rid of stress.

In general, this Xmark power tower provides a good user experience, but since the manufacturer has to put many functions into one, it has a few problems. But, without a doubt, it is an excellent choice for an average user.


  • Each of the regular pull up dip station functions are available.
  • Heavy bag stand with 100 lbs capacity
  • No wobbling with bodyweight exercises
  • High design
  • Weight pegs for better stability and storage
  • All in one equipment for cardio and strength training


  • Acceptable wobbling when hitting the punching bag.
  • People with wide waist may find the dip handles narrow when doing dips or pull-ups.
  • The weight pegs can be disturbing
  • The bag is not included
  • High

Price / Customer reviews

Check out more customer reviews about Xmark XM-2842 power tower with heavy bag stand here.
35 Reviews
Check out more customer reviews about Xmark XM-2842 power tower with heavy bag stand here.
  • Height of the pull-up bar: 7 feet
  • Height of the punching bag holder: 8 feet
  • Footprint: 62″ L x 54.5″ W
  • Weight: 123 pounds

For our detailed review, read on.



Best features of XMark Deluxe Power Tower and Heavy Bag Stand

1. 100 lbs punching bag capacity, enough for most of us

To get the best heavy bag training experience, the bag should be about half of the weight of the user. This way, it will not swing too much, nor be too static. So, you can practice all types punches, combos and boxing moves.

So, even if you are 200 lbs, you can get a bag that is suitable for you. However, some trainees use the tower with an over 100 lbs bag without any problem.


2. Very stable under bodyweight training

wide stabilizers
Stable base

Because of the heavy punching bag stand function, the manufacturer has to create equipment which is more robust and stable than standard towers. Hence, Xmark XM-2842 has long and angled stabilizers.

It is also heavy (123 lbs) and has a good weight capacity. People using the dip, pull up, and VKR stations with over 250 lbs load do not complain about wobbling and moving at all.

This also means it suitable for pro athletes who want to perform weighted calisthenics exercises.


3. Good choice for tall people

The height of the pull-up bar is 84 inches which is rather high compared to other products. Also, both the vertical knee raise station and the dip handles are at a high position (51 inches). Hence, taller users can work out with it comfortably.

But this also means that shorter trainees may find hard to mount themselves so they may have to use a box or whatever to step on.


Problems & Complains


It wobbles a little bit under punching training

Well, some people complain about it, but I have tested some have bag stands in my life, and each of them wobbled a little bit. (Unless a very lightweight bag is used or the bag is hit with light power). In my point of view, it is impossible to manufacture a stand that is rock solid under serious usage without fixing.

Anyway, the users think the wobbling is not so serious that it annoys their workout, mainly if weight plates are put on the pegs.

You can minimize the wobbling and move if you put a thick rubber gym mat under the tower. Or, if you are a techie guy, you can fix it to the ground somehow.


Weight plate pegs might be disturbing

At the back two pegs are added for weight plates to enhance the stability. If you put plates with a large diameter, you will not have enough space to move around the bag.


Narrow dip and VKR station

Since the pull-up bar is placed in the front of the equipment, you should do pull-ups between the VKR and dip handles. Most of the people with average waist do not complain about that these sections are too narrow, but massive guys do. If your waistline is broader than 25 inches, it is not going to be comfortable to use for you.


You need to buy a heavy punching bag separately

The bag is not included, so you have to buy one. But, you can purchase a great one under $100 or even cheaper depending on the amount of weight and if it is filled or not.

I prefer Outslayer heavy punching bags because of the excellent price/value. Here are my favorite products from Amazon.




Is it adjustable?

No. There are no parts that are adjusted.


Is it hard to assemble?

Well, not so easy. Just follow the manual, and it will be OK.


Verdict / Is it for you?

Without a doubt, this is a useful piece of power tower heavy bag combo which is perfect for a beginner and intermediate users to have an efficient upper body and cardio workout. There are a few problems, but not so annoying that can ruin your workouts.



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  • Price
  • Stability
  • Delivery
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